2010 FRC Season


2010 was the first year that Team Black Hawk competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition. It was a successful first year with the team earning the Rookie All-Star award at the Dallas regional, and earning their first bid to the World Championships.


Breakaway is the game for the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition, announced on January 9, 2010. Robots direct soccer balls into goals, traverse “bumps” in the field, suspend themselves and each other on towers, and/or go through a tunnel located in the center of the field.

Animation courtesy of Havabanana Productions

Blue Alliance Link: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3310/2010

Dallas Regional: Quarterfinalists, Rookie All-Star Award
FIRST Championship: Galileo Division

Designed for simplicity and with the flow of the game in mind,  the 2010 robot was an active middle zone robot in Breakaway. The robot's wedge was constructed out of memory foam to take in the impact of the ball and then guide it back into its alliance's scoring zone. This allowed the robot to keep its team on the offensive and starve its opponents of balls. The robot also had a motor driven kicker to kick in auto and start its return cycle.