2014 FRC Season


2014 was Team Black Hawk's fifth year of competition. This was the first year they did not have any members from their first year. They won their second regional and advanced to the national competition in St. Louis where they advanced to quarterfinals. In both of their offseason events, they made it to semifinals.


The 2013 game was called Aerial Assist. Two teams of 3 robots each tried to score as many goals as possible in the time permitted.

To earn the most points, each alliance needed to work as a team. The match began with a 10 second autonomous period, where the robot scores bonus points using pre-programmed movements without any additional human interaction. Each alliance can earn even more bonus points by scoring goals in "hot goals" that are each active for five seconds. After the autonomous period, the drivers control the robots from outside the field. Robots can earn more points by throwing balls over the truss in the center of the field, catching balls on the other side of the truss, and scoring on the goals on the end of the field.

Alliances can earn large bonuses for "Assisting" the other robots, where each robot takes possession of the ball at a different zone on the field.

Animation courtesy of Havabanana Productions

Blue Alliance Link: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/3310/2014

Dallas Regional: Quarterfinalists
Colorado Regional: Innovation in Control Award
Colorado Regional: Winner 
Galileo Division: Quarterfinalists
Texas Robot Invitational: Semifinalists
Texas Robot Roundup: Play of the Day Award
Texas Robot Roundup: Semifinalists

Team Black Hawk's 2014 robot was one of the most unique robots on the field. They built Hawkeye-- the robot-- around a crossbow. The crossbow was attached to a carbon fiber-plunger that shot the ball with 150 lbs of force. The robot had to be altered so that if it dry-fired, it could do so in a safe manner. The robot evolved throughout the season to become a fierce competitor. During their final offseason event, Hawkeye became entangled in an opposing robot, who then fell onto Hawkeye, knocking Hawkeye onto it's side. Team Black Hawk thought they'd seen the end, when Hawkeye got back up and scored 3 more goals, winning the match and earning the Play-of-the-Day award.